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Life is like a bouquet
and friendship like a flower.
That blooms and grows in beauty
with the sunshine and the shower.

And lovely are the blossoms
that are tended with great care.
By those who work unselfishly
to make the place more fair.

And like the bouquet's blossoms
friendships flower grows more sweet.
When watched and tended carefully
by those we know and meet.

And like sunshine adds new fragrance
and raindrops play their part.
Joy and sadness add new beauty
when there's friendship in the heart.

And if the seed of friendship
is planted deep and true.
And watched with understanding,
friendships will bloom for you.



Cardmakers are the smartest bunch,
designing cards from just a hunch.
From early morn to setting sun,
they work for hours to get things done.

Creative juices start to flow,
producing cards for some big show.
And when they're done they are so proud,
With cards to please most any crowd.

They come alone, sometimes in pairs
And travel far to sell their wares.
So many things come from their minds,
Amazing cards of all kinds.

Resourceful, talented and smart,
They make their world a work of art.


It All Began With Just One Stamp!

It all began with just one stamp
And just one stamp pad too
Of course, things couldn't stay that way
And shortly, I had two.

This was quickly followed
By more stamps (three and four)
The craving had now started
I wanted more and more.

A teeny weeny garden set
With a lovely little rose
The cutest little teddy bear
I must have one of those.

A couple of those Inkums sets
A rollagraph or two
And then another coloured ink
For stamping I must do.

I really love those bear stamps
And country ones are nice
I see that Penny Black
Has some lovely little mice.

I think that I'm addicted now
It started just last year
I now can't pass a catalogue
Without just one more bear.

And then I joined some stamping lists
Upon the internet
From here I learned of other things
That I must really get.

I want to try some brayering
And pearl-ex powders too
Stamping on polymer clay
There's lots of things to do.

My husband is somewhat bemused
As are my children (three)
As I produce yet more stamped things
Keen for them to see.

And now I'm signed up for some swaps
One's a birthday card
The other is a teddy theme
Now that can't be too hard

I'd better go and start them now
I've six of each to do
I want to get them in the post
And then start something new......


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