Poems about Fairies

Welcome to the Fairy Ring for sayings Poems about Fairies and singing in circles around the toadstools. The Elementals as they're called look after our gardens and keep watch for us!

Poems about Fairies

If You See A Fairy Ring.
Author Unknown
If you see a fairy ring
In a field of grass,
Very lightly step around,
Tip-Toe as you pass,
Last night Fairies frolicked there
And they're sleeping somewhere near.
If you see a tiny fairy
Lying fast asleep
Shut your eyes
And run away,
Do not stay to peek!
Do not tell
Or you'll break a fairy spell



In my garden, near the bottom,
In a place so long forgotten,
Where the vegetation's rotten,
Lives a fairy family.

Now, their story is so tragic,
They have lost the gift of magic,
And you don't want to lose that trick,
Just between you and me.

So they spend all day just searching,
Quickly, at each other's urging,
And it's getting to be verging,
On the manic, don't you see?

But I think that we are able,
To return their mood to stable,
Put them back in land of fable,
Oh, how happy they would be.

Magic dust! It's hard to fake it,
But I'll try my best to make it,
And then you and I can take it,
Down the garden, you and me.

And we'll give it to the fairies,
It will stop them being wary,
They'll return to lands less scary,
It'll happen, wait and see.

Now, the fairies are so happy,
And their feet are all a-tappy,
For the've got their magic, snappy,
And they're heading for that tree.

It's goodbye to us they're waving,
And it's memories we're saving,
Of those fairies all behaving,
In a manner filled with glee.
Mark Wakeham

Poems about Fairies

The song of the Pink Fairies

Early in the mornings,
When children are still sleeping,
Or late, late at night time,
Beneath the summer moon,
What are they doing,
The busy fairy people?Could you creep to spy them,
In silent magic shoon.

You might learn a secret,
Among the garden borders,
Something never guessed at,
That no one knows or thinks:
Snip, snip, snip, go busy fairy scissors,
Pinking out the edges
Of the petals of the Pinks.!

Pink Pinks, white Pinks,
Double Pinks, and single,-
Look at them and see
If it’s not the truth I tell!
Why call them Pinks
If they weren’t pinked out by someone?
And what but fairy scissors
Could pink them out so well?
Cicely Mary Barker


Tinkerbelle is who we think of
When fairies come up in chat;
They are there for us to learn from
When they try to tell us this and that.

The Lord of the Rings taught us too
That elves they play a big part;
They're here working hard for us
Our flowers and livestock a work of art.


The elementals serving on planet Earth materialize whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the remanifestation of "heaven on Earth."

The saying "Be careful what you wish for" applies!!!!!!


Verse for a child who has lost a tooth.
Thought someone might like this.

Letter from Tooth Fairy

Sorry, but due to the massive quantity of children losing teeth, we have to resort to a form letter, please forgive.
Tooth Fairy


Thank you for leaving one (1) tooth under your pillow last night.
While we make every attempt to leave a monetary reward in the case of lost or stolen children's teeth, we were unable to process your request for the following reason(s) indicated below:

The tooth could not be found
It was not a human tooth
We do not think that pieces of chicken bone are very funny
We were unable to approach the tooth due to excessive odor
The tooth has previously been redeemed for cash
The tooth did not originally belong to you
The tooth fairy does not process Fingernails/Toenails
Your request has been forwarded to the Nerve Ending Fairy for appropriate action
You were overheard to state that you do not believe in the Tooth Fairy
You are age 12 or older at the time your request was received
The tooth is still in your mouth
The tooth was guarded by a vicious fairy-eating dog at the time of our visit
No night light was on at the time of our visit
The snacks provided for the Tooth Fairy were not satisfactory, or were missing
We discovered evidence of unsafe tooth extraction as follows:
Hammer marks
Part of skull attached to tooth
No dental care

Thank you for your request, and we look forward to serving you in the future.


The Tooth Fairy


Few folk have seen a Fairy,
But I found this one for you.
If you believe with all your might
She'll make your dreams come true.

Make a wish


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Poems about Fairies